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Success Mastery with Jim Shorkey

This is a 3-month group coaching program designed to push you and make you uncomfortable; then, and only then, you are prepared to grow!

This program is for those seeking ‘the good life!’  Hosted over Zoom, you will be introduced to the very same strategies and principles that Jim Shorkey used to turn around his single, failing family automobile dealership and grow it 1000%.  This is a deep study and understanding of keystone principles that he has discovered to be crucial for success in business and in his personal life. With Jim’s direct approach, he will challenge you to break out of your comfort zone and experience tremendous growth in all areas of your life – Passion, Health, Love, Abundance, and Joy.

212° Mastermind Group

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the mastermind].” Napoleon Hill had it right and this 212° Mastermind Group does just that.  you will be challenged, encouraged, stretched, and sharpened to help you achieve your desired goals.  This group is a combination of brainstorming, learning, accountability and support hosted via webinar in a group setting backed by commitment, honesty, confidentiality, respect and compassion.  Success is the name of the game here!


VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching offers you a customized coaching program designed to guide you to your desired goals.  You will receive two, 90-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions each month during your membership.  This is a customizable program designed to provide you with exactly what you need, along with the tools and resources necessary to achieve incredible success!


The Vault

Access to The Video vault will provide you with hours of proven success secrets, strategies, and healthy mindset messages to help you better understand what Jim’s Blueprint to Success is all about.

If you are undecided with purchasing one of our other valuable services to help you achieve your worthwhile goals, make a small investment into The Vault and see what we are all about!  You’ll be glad you did

E-Coaching Programs

These Coaching Programs provide you with a structured virtual plan, that walks you through the key concepts needed to make dramatic advances in all areas of your life – Passion, Health, Love, Abundance, and Joy.  These are the keystone habits Jim Shorkey used in his journey to success and are formatted for you to get the most from them in a short amount of time.  You will see results quickly as you rewire your brain and become a student of this information.